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Mission & Vision

We make bright future by the good products
  • Flutek makes superior quality products.

    We aim to provide a good product that gives the highest satisfaction ,
    to our customers with the best technology, flawless operation and reasonable prices.

  • Flutek makes happy tomorrow.

    We want our customers to have a bright smile, the Flutek family sees itself working happily being a trusted company through an active role of contribution to global infrastructure.

We aim to be the global leader in the motion control based industry
  • Industry

    Flutek is a leading company in the motion control based industry.
    Motion control is a field of technology to create innovative manufacture systems through the convergence of technologies
    to manufacture hydraulic valves, pumps, motors and electric power equipment along with their applied systems.

  • Future of Flutek

    Flutek will keep growing as a committed developer and manufacturer in the industry.

  • The sales goal

    The goal of Flutek is to generate 330 billion won in sales by year 2023
    We will strive to achieve innovative performance (330 billion won in sales, 10% in overall profits, increase 33% happiness level of employees) by improving the competitiveness of current business and developing new growth engines.