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Word Mark

The three colors of Flutek stand for flexibility, creativity and passion.
As a thing which symbolizes ‘the trust which is flexible on changes, developed by creativity and solidified with passion’,
they reflect the spirit of customer satisfaction which Flutek is aimed at.

  • Flexibility

    The light gray symbolizing ‘flexibility’ of harmony
    and union is the Corporation Color of Flutek.

  • Creativity

    The clear blue symbolizing ‘creativity’ of birth
    and hope express the core value of Flutek.

  • Passion

    The dark red symbolizing ‘passion’ of happiness
    and fame stand for the core leader of Flutek.

Exclusive color rule

Exclusive color are used as a rule.

  • RGB #888888
    CMYK 0 0 0 60

  • RGB #0066CC
    CMYK 85 50 0 0

  • RGB #CC0000
    CMYK 15 100 90 10

Special Color rule

Except for standard logo, logo can be applied with other colors as follows.
Each color is subjected to the exclusive color rule.

Signature combination

Stands for the on that has combined the logo typing of Flutek, Ltd as company name and up/down-left/right while the proper one is used considering the layout of applied space depending on the situation of applied media.
The ratio and interval of illustrated combination cannot be used by adjusting at random and must secure independence with other surrounding factors.

FONT TYPE - Malgun-gothic(Korean)
FONT TYPE - Helcetica B(English)