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Marine machinery division

Electro-hydraulic deck machinery

High quality, Safety and Reliability
The electro-hydraulic deck machinery has a compact configuration using minimized and lightweight components with excellent durability.
Stepless speed control from low speed (high torque) to high speed (low torque) is possible with simple lever operation, and quiet operation is possible by installing a low-noise hydraulic pump.
Since major components are manufactured in-house, it is possible to control the production period and provide quick A/S response.

Features Benefits
High pressure system Auto tension system
Hyd. motor auto load adjustment Mooring rope load indicator
Stepless speed control Remote control / Wireless control
Self-manufacture of major parts Anchor speed limiter system(ASL)
Compact design Chain length indicator(Mechanical/Digital)
Various installation Fail safe brake(Manual/Hydraulic)
Hydraulic power pack System advantage
Hydraulic power pack consisting of
- Hydraulic pumps
- Electric motors
- Valves
- Filter
- Oil cooler
- Oil tank
- Accessories
- Starter panels(option)
Water cooling or optional air cooling of system
Compact design ensuring easy operation
One pump unit can simultaneously supply a number of winches
Easy to maintain