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Marine machinery division

Electric deck machinery

High quality, Safety and Reliability
The electric deck machinery provides superior quality products by using verified and optimized vital components considering electric deck machinery characteristics.
It is a high efficiency and eco-friendly deck machinery with strong resistance for polar operation.

Features Benefits
Electrical power AC380/440V, 50/60Hz Automatic tension mooring
Flange mounted electric motor with protection IP 56 grade Shipside remote control
Electric motor equipped with space heater, PTC sensor and fail safe magnetic brake Wireless control
3-stage gear unit Tension indicator
Torque limiter for windlass Chain length indicator
Brake resistor for frequency controlled type Explosive proof
Load cell for pole changing type Spring applied fail safe brake(manual & hydraulic)
Typical performance of standard winch
Frequency controlled type Pole changing type
Step-less speed control Well proven reliable solution
Smooth start / stop Easy to operate with 3-step speed control
Low installation costs compared to hydraulic type Low installation costs compared to hydraulic type
Less cabling Load cell for detecting torque
Direct torque control